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NetGalley Feedback Ratio

For those of you who receive books from NetGalley, how are your feedback ratios doing? Judging from other people’s blog posts and tweets, it appears I’m not the only reviewer who struggles to attain that golden 80% ratio.

I only started requesting books at the tail end of last year and I made a rookie mistake: I requested pretty much anything and everything that piqued my interest. To say I went “request happy” would be an understatement. A few were declined, but about two dozen were approved. This is basically how it went down:

“Why do they hate me??”




Realizing I had two dozen books to read in just a few weeks:
“Oh god what have I done”


Then of course I still requested promising books as they popped up on my dashboard. I’ve managed to claw my way up to 65% and I’m determined to reach 80% by the end of June. And I’ve certainly learned my lesson about requesting books en masse.

How are your NetGalley ratings? Let me know in the comments!

10 thoughts on “NetGalley Feedback Ratio”

  1. I’m at 93% and have about three to update later today on there if I get time. But when I first joined I did what you did 😂 it took me a year to claw my way back I was drowning in books 📚.I am pretty good now and am super particular in what I request. Mind you I still have 4 books from way back in 2017 that I need to read they are now way way overdue ( they are what I like to call my “what the hell was I thinking section” I like to keep my shelf now to about 20 books as it’s manageable. 😊

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    1. It’s good to know all is not lost then! I’m slowly getting up there but it doesn’t help I didn’t know at first I had to download them before the archive date. So my rating will be affected by the “Well, I *wanted* to read them but…” ebooks. 😂

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  2. I’m on 88%, currenty reading one, one on the shelf to read and one I never finished so didn’t review. I wish I could have as much willpower with food as I have with book requests. I’d be super skinny.

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