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Recently I saw this on another blog and immediately ran to my bookshelves to give it a go. Plus since moving to our new house and turning one of the rooms into a home library, I’ve been meaning to catalog all my books into an app. Partially to have a list of all the books I own, but mostly because I keep finding myself re-buying books I already own or debating whether to buy something because I’m not sure if I have it or not. So this tag on Paperback Jake’s blog seemed the perfect opportunity! Also, if you get a chance check out his blog. I’ve just discovered it and he absolutely cracks me up.

Without any further ado, let the hunt begin!

  1. Find an author or a title with “Z” in it
  2. Find a classic
  3. Find a book with a key on itimg_20190719_1709311733126557868546684.jpg
  4. Find something on your shelf that is not a book

    I almost never find anything in gift shops with my name on them so when I saw these license plates in San Francisco I immediately bought them.
  5. Find the oldest book on your shelf
    Rhymes of a Rolling Stone by Robert W. Service, published in 1917. It’s not in the best of conditions but all the pages are intact.

    An inscription from the original owner makes this find all the more delightful.
  6. Find a book with a girl on it

    I adore this copy of the book.
  7. Find a book with an animal on itimg_20190719_150059760083474949910909.jpg
  8. Find a book with a male protagonistimg_20190719_1709013630258835144911044.jpg
  9. Find a book with only words on the cover

    A Valentine’s gift from my husband that I swear I will read one day.
  10. Find a book with illustrations on it

    One of my favourite authors and his first foray into children’s books
  11. Find a book with gold lettering

    Daphne du Maurier wrote my favourite book of all time, Rebecca, so when I saw these at a church sale for only £1 I nearly lost my cool making sure I bought these before anyone else could. The dinosaur bookends came from the same sale.
  12. Find a diary, true or fictional

    I’ll leave it up to you whether this is true or fictional.
  13. Find a book by an author with a common name like Smith
  14. Find a book with a closeup of something on it img_20190719_1304542259294730703178609.jpg
  15. Find the book on your shelf that takes place in the earliest time period
  16. Find a hardcover book without a jacket

    A copy of the exhibit book from the V&A exhibit Frida Kahlo: Making Herself Up. It was an incredible experience seeing her personal belongings and artwork in person.


  17. Find a teal or turquoise bookimg_20190720_1841098914996093841464809.jpg
  18. Find a book with stars on it

    Do I get bonus points for “star” being in the title too?
  19. Find a non-YA book

    This is DEFINITELY not a book for kids or teens.
  20. Find a book written by a POC (this tag originally only had 19 on it but I wanted a rounded number so I’ve added this one in. Also doing this hunt made me realise most my books are written by white men which is pretty depressing)

    POC and women are utterly ruling sci-fi/fantasy right now. I mean, just look at the Best Novel nominees for the 2019 Hugo Awards.

All right so before all of you start asking and berating me, yes many of my shelves are colour coded. I realize how polarizing this organizational decision is among book lovers but I happen to like it. It’s only on some of my bookcases, though, and doesn’t include any series or boxsets. Those are all together on their own shelves elsewhere in my home library along with any authors I have several books by. Once I’m done painting and decorating the library I’ll post pics on here for y’all to either appreciate or recoil in horror from.

Whew, so with that out of the way, if any of you do this tag please link me because I had so much fun hunting through my shelves and I’d love to see what you’ve been able to find on yours. Show off those shelves!

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