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August Wrap Up

Even though autumn is my favorite time of the year, this time around I’m sad to see summer coming to an end. It was a stormy one with not nearly as many nice days as usual. Now that I live in a country where sunshine and clear skies are at a premium, I’m not looking forward to the dark and cold winter ahead. I need more sun!


Oh well. At least I got a lot of great reading done over the summer. It’s been a fantastic year for me with what I’ve read so far, most having been a delight to read. And August was no exception!

My Books of August


A rare re-read. I originally read this in high school but was recently sent a collection of short stories for review that take place after the events of this book. I decided to familiarize myself with the story again and wasn’t disappointed, although hearing all the xenophobia and anti-Europe sentiments was a bit rough given everything that’s going on here in the UK right now.


Go read this book. Like, right now. Everyone should know this incredible woman’s name.


Even though I live for sci-fi, I’m not a huge fan of the genre it’s always paired with: fantasy. Don’t get me wrong, I do read fantasy books and I’ve seriously enjoyed several, I just don’t really go out of my way to read them. Especially since the market is pretty over-saturated with YA fantasy books. I’m glad I made an exception for this Hugo nominated one, though- it was an absolutely wondrous folklore retelling.


Also nominated for a Hugo, in this post apocalyptic story the Navajo nation is one of the last remaining communities surviving. With the world at an end, the creatures of lore return, hunted by a woman who was trained by an immortal. IT WAS SO AWESOME.

There’s some grumbling about a Pueblo author writing from a Diné perspective, but even though I’m descendant of neither tribe (my family is Yaqui), I feel like we should just be happy that it isn’t a white person appropriating Indian culture. That’s what I kept telling myself anyway whenever I got irritated at the very, very Canadian narrator who in no way sounded like the characters she was meant to be. But at least it was a First Nations actor, so there’s that.

Not that I don’t get where the critics are coming from, I’d probably be irked in their position too, but lets get more of these stories out there into the mainstream first. Then we can pick them apart and then I can get more upset about the way the narrator pronounced “medicine bag.”




A charming novel sent to me by the author. It’s a treasure hunting story with a bit of mystery and steampunk thrown in for good measure. Read my review here.


At over 700 pages, this one took me a few months to read. Some of it probably could have been cut out because at times it did drag, but it was a gripping enough to keep me turning the pages week after week. I actually had no idea it was about Dracula when I bought it so that was a pretty decent surprise! I went to Romania and Bulgaria earlier in the year, and to some of the places mentioned in the book, so that was an extra kick, too. The ending let the story down a bit, but I still enjoyed it.


Some books are probably better in print, especially if the narrator isn’t doing it for you. I consume audiobooks like there’s no tomorrow, but I’m also pretty picky. I have a few narrators I try to stick with because I know their style works for me. Otherwise I find I stop paying attention or I’m not really liking or following the story. I return so many audiobooks to Audible I’m amazed they haven’t banned me yet.

The narrator for this one kept putting on weird accents, intonations, and inflections with the main characters that got really irritating really quick. It was a good story, though, one I’m glad I’ve read.

The only other thing I’ll mention: with the author having been accused of killing a poacher in Africa, there were aspects to the book that you can’t help but wonder if they were based on Owens trying to work out some of her own internal struggles. Not that there’s really any love lost with a poacher IMO.


A pretty kick ass science fiction story I reviewed a few weeks ago. Best for older YA readers or adults, there’s a lot of intense grit to this sci-fi thrill ride. Read my review here.


I’ve mentioned in previous posts that when I listen to non-fiction books as audiobooks, I feel like I’m back in university attending a lecture. Some work great this way, especially biographies or histories, but I’m finding more scientific books would be better read in print. I truly enjoyed having Neil deGrasse Tyson teach me space stuff, but I think I’ll buy a physical copy one of these days and re-read it in print so I can truly get everything possible out of it.

How did your reading go last month? Any that stood out and you want to share? Let me know in the comments! Also let me know if you’ve read any of the books listed above.

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