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So I’m Never Pre-ordering a Book on Amazon Again

On Monday I posted about how freaking excited I was over an Amazon delivery notice I received on my phone. I don’t pre-order books very often, if ever, because I’m a library and used book fiend. However, when it comes to a sequel to the unparalleled The Handmaid’s Tale, you go all out.

Getting the notice on Monday night that it was shipping out to my house was so exciting. I’ve never had book mail like this before! I checked my phone multiple times throughout the day like a total nerd yesterday, following my package. I actually stood waiting by the window when I was alerted I was the next stop.

The Amazon app lets you watch the driver’s progress so when I saw he was on my street, I was at peak anticipation. By this point I could see him in his van, but he only got out for a minute before getting back in and driving off.

I watched his progress for an hour, the app still saying I was the next stop despite the fact he was going everywhere in my town except my house. What was this guy playing at?! Finally, over an hour later, I get an alert that my package was damaged and my order was cancelled.


I’m sorry, what?! You aren’t even going to replace it, you’re just going to toy with my emotions for hours then say “ok bye!” Yeah, I wasn’t impressed. When I tried to re-order it, it wasn’t at the pre-order reduced price anymore so that combined with the delay was a hard NOPE.

I tried calling Amazon but they hung up on me three times without calling back so by the time I got someone to actually talk to me, I was not a happy bunny. The advisor just kept rudely saying it wasn’t Amazon’s fault. Okay…it’s not mine either, but now I have to pay more for my order and y’all hung up on me a bunch of times- those parts of my complaint sound like an Amazon issue to me. Eventually her manager offered to send me a new copy at the discounted price but to be honest after the way the advisor had treated me, I didn’t want to risk going through this again. My husband works in the city so he is going to pick me up a copy today on his lunch break and I trust him a lot more than Amazon right now.

Considering an Amazon delivery driver let himself right into my home a few weeks ago, I’m seriously starting to wonder why I even keep Prime at this point. Ever since they started outsourcing their drivers a couple years ago it’s been non-stop issues, although walking through my house was certainly a whole new level of hideous service.

Amazon and the book industry is a blog post in itself, but I live in a small town in the sticks with no bookstores and I mostly work from home. So it was either pre-order the book or wait till the weekend when I could go into the city. With it being The Testaments, I decided to splurge and pre-order because this is pretty much the literary event of the year afterall. I got myself really hyped up for this delivery so disappointment doesn’t even begin to cover it.

To add insult to injury, I had cranked up the hot tub planning to spend my evening devouring the book in chlorinated bliss, but even the hot tub element was a no-go because as soon as I got off the phone with Amazon it started to rain. I blame Amazon for that, too.

Have you bought The Testaments? Where do you usually buy books from? Any Amazon horror stories? Let me know in the comments!

20 thoughts on “So I’m Never Pre-ordering a Book on Amazon Again”

  1. I’m sorry that happened to you. I know firsthand Amazon customer service sucks. When my account was hacked, I could barely get a hold of an actual person to help me. They need to sort themselves out and fix their weather machine…

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  2. I cannot abide Amazon and no longer purchase books from them. I preordered a few books from them last year and not one of them was dispatched on time. I have had to contact their customer service on countless occasions and was always left with a sour taste in my mouth. So I now buy books only from local book chains and independent bookshops. It may be slightly dearer but it’s worth it for the quality service and also for keeping open these valuable shops on my local high street. I’m so sorry that you had this terrible experience

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    1. Ughhh sorry this has happened to you too.

      I don’t mind buying from bookshops, I prefer it, but there are none anywhere near me so I tend to order my books online if I want something specific. If we had a bookstore I’d be it’s #1 patron!

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    1. Thanks. I know at the end of the day it’s not a major thing, but it was still a pretty crappy way to spend an evening I’d been looking forward to.

      As I yelled when the customer service agent was brushing me off, “Look, I don’t have much else in my life besides books OK!” 😂😂


    1. Right? That’s what was initially so frustrating, they didn’t even replace it or give me an option to. What the heck?

      And yeah, walked right through my house through the backdoor. I was scared to death. It took nearly 4 weeks to get amazon to acknowledge it, too.


  3. Ugh this sounds awful! I’ve had packages say “hand delivered” but yeah no they haven’t been and they show up like a month later after I already called amazon and they sent a replacement. It’s ridiculous.

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