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My Book Buying Ban

So last week I discussed all the book challenges I’m taking part in this year to help tackle my out of control TBR shelf. After scanning all my books into a catalog app called Library Thing a few months ago, I was mortified to see how many books I own that haven’t been touched since I put them on my shelves.

As a result of this discovery, I pledged myself to a lot of challenges for 2020 to help me read my books. As part of those pledges I vowed to not buy more books until I had made a dent in the ones I already own. And it was going well!

That is, until it wasn’t. Yeah, I didn’t even last two weeks.


Okay, but in my defense… I actually have no defense. I was out with my husband to pick up a few things at the mall and decided to pop into a bookstore to “just look.” We both knew I was lying. He actually chose two of the Star Trek ones, but I wanted them just as much as he did. Ah well. At least one of the books is educational!

Also, even though I generally avoid books with the movie/TV show poster on the cover, I think in this instance I can live with the sacrifice. I wonder why…


How are your 2020 book resolutions going? Hopefully a bit better than mine are. Let me know in the comments!

10 thoughts on “My Book Buying Ban”

    1. That might need to be my goal next year, I have Audible and Kindle Unlimited plus the Prime First Reads. I must have about three dozen or more books I haven’t touched since I downloaded them on my Kindle. Glad it’s going well for you, I bet that does feel good!

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    1. Hahaha thank goodness it’s not just me. Book Buyers Anonymous, tbh it sounds like a great idea but I think in the end we’d all just end up giving each other more recommendations for our TBRs and all suffocate in a pile of books.

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  1. I was just toying with the idea of putting myself on a book ban right now because I want to save up more this year but my self control is SO WEAK 🤣 I went on a “mini”-shopping spree yesterday and bought books I’ve been wanting for a while because they were on sale… What was I supposed to do?! 😅

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  2. Okay, your tweet has me laughing though! I’ve never done a book buying ban, but I’m pretty good at not buying tons of books. Granted, I still have a lot of books on my shelves – some for years and years – and I am trying to focus on those more this year.


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