Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten Tuesday: Ten Signs You’re a Book Lover

This week’s Top Ten Tuesday, hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl, is about the characteristics book lovers tend to exhibit. The more I thought about the bookish things I do, the more I started to wonder if maybe I’m less a book lover and more a book addict. Am I addicted to the written word, to the infinite amount of beautifully bound and wondrous tales out there? Do I spend most of my time yearning to have a book in my hands or to add to my ever growing personal library?

Umm…okay… so I’m drooling now. On that note, I think it’s probably time to get to my TTT.


1. Having a Book or Ten on You At All Times


You may not wear your books like this adorable business burro, but I’m guessing you all usually have at least one book on you when you go out. I always carry a physical one plus my e-books and audiobooks on my phone. If I don’t have a book when I leave the house I usually tend to panic and go through withdrawals. I don’t have a problem, I swear.

2. Despite your Leaning Tower of TBR, You Max Out Your Library Card Every Week


It’s a little more difficult these days to check out library books, but if you’re anything like me you’re making use of your library’s audiobook and e-book collections. I’ve always got a few checked out on top of all the other books I’m totally going to get around to reading.

3. Failing Miserably on Your Book Buying Ban


So, my year of not buying books didn’t go so well. I didn’t even make it two weeks. Since then I’ve bought several more books, but I’ve definitely curtailed my book buying compared to last year so that counts for something, right?!

4. Accidentally Buying the Same Book Multiple Times Because You Forgot You Own It


Or just simply wanting a particular edition because it’s oh so pretty. I’m definitely a victim of both. However, for the former, I’ve downloaded an app called LibraryThing and have scanned in all my books into my phone. That way if I’m unsure if I have a book already or not I can just check my phone to be certain.

5. You’re a Book Sniffer


Rory’s got a point. I love the smell of used books and used bookstores. There isn’t really anything better. I’ve seen candles and such that claim to smell like books but I’ve never actually sniffed them. Have any of you?

6. Just…One…More…Chapter


I permanently resemble a raccoon because of this. Every single night I tell myself I’ll just read a few pages to get sleepy only to end up reading for hours. You’d think by now I’d accept that I’m not capable of only reading a few pages in bed, but nope, every morning when I wake up completely exhausted I somehow forget the reason why I’m so exhausted.

7. You Frequently Suffer From Book Hangovers


It doesn’t happen to me often, but when a book gets me right in the feels you can usually find me trying out this yoga pose. Most recently a book left me so staggered after finishing it that my husband found me me halfway up the stairs, sprawled across them because I had given up trying to get to bed to do my book yoga. “I live on the stairs now.”

8. Having Multiple Book Subscriptions

34fd026a-166d-4193-bdcb-b0d0cda309b8 As much as I want to try one of the book box subscriptions, I can’t justify the cost at the moment. Plus the ones I really want only seem to be in the US! I’ll just have to keep living vicariously through your unboxing posts. In the meantime, I do have several other types of subscriptions: Audible, Kindle Unlimited, Prime Reading, and my library (if that counts). I had Scribd for awhile and will probably go back to it after cancelling Audible because even though their library isn’t as vast, it’s definitely a better value.

9. Packing Your Books Before Your Clothes


The books you take on vacation can make or break your trip. Sure, the pool you’re lounging beside might be nice but if the book you’re reading isn’t up to snuff or if you’ve run out of books to read, it doesn’t matter how nice that pool is. That’s why I spend a ridiculous amount of time before any vacation carefully curating my book selection. Then and only then I might get around to actually packing clothes.

10. Your Browsing History is Mostly Book Related Sites


Goodreads is a site and app I visit almost religiously, but scrolling through my browsing history and email inbox reveals that most of my non-shopping related internet activity is book related. The New York Times book reviews, newsletters from sites like Book Riot and The Modern Mrs. Darcy, plus various hits and e-mails from Penguin, Audible, my library, and pretty much every other book blog, site, and app there is.

I mean, what else are you going to do on the internet? 😛


Do any of these strike a chord with you? What’s on your TTT this week? Let me know in the comments!

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