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Update On Walmart

If you read my previous post you’ll know that Walmart really put it to my parents. I absolutely hate being this far away from them during this, but at least trying to get the situation rectified for them is something I can do for them.

I emailed, called, tried social media, and even contacted Walmart’s head office. I either got ignored or brushed off. I know these are extraordinary times and customer service departments are slammed but that doesn’t really excuse how we were being treated. I suspect they were hoping we’d just give up and go away.

Unfortunately for them, I’m stubborn and had absolutely no intention of just letting it go.

When it became apparent Walmart wasn’t going to do anything, I contacted a Bay Area news outlet. They immediately responded and started doing all they could to get the situation resolved for us.

Let’s just say being contacted by a major news station certainly lit a fire under Walmart’s ass. Overnight their tune changed and they started doing everything they could to help us.

I have to say the end result ended up being better than I could have hoped, but I do have to take it all with a grain of salt. I mean, until they were worried it’d become a news story Walmart was happy to jerk us around and take hundreds of dollars from my parents.

Still, though, I’m glad they finally stepped up. They refunded my parents, gave them a few free delivery vouchers, a gift card, and the delivery manager’s contact details so if anything like this happens again we can call the store directly.

Thank you so much to ABC7 news for helping us! I’m eternally grateful to know my vulnerable parents are able to get what they need without risking their health by going out.


7 thoughts on “Update On Walmart”

  1. OMG YES! I’m so delighted to hear that things have reached a satisfactory outcome but 100% like you am cynical about their motives in the end.

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