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Top Ten Tuesday: Books I Wish I Had Read As a Child

This week’s Top Ten Tuesday, hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl, was both really easy and really difficult. A certain series immediately came to mind when I saw the topic because I often comment that it’s one I wish I had read as a child. However, that series was all I could think of. There aren’t too many other books I’ve read as an adult that I thought I would have liked more as a younger reader. So this week my TTT is more “That One Series Tuesday.”


Harry Potter Series by J.K. Rowling


Maybe it’s because I grew up in the United States, but Harry Potter didn’t really come up on my radar until I was in high school. By then I was in my “classics phase” so was more interested in reading Thomas Hardy and John Steinbeck than I was fantasy books aimed at a younger demographic.

It’s a shame because when these books were first published in the UK I was roughly the same age as Harry Potter. So I could have grown up alongside the characters much like many other readers have done. This is something I seriously regret because it seems like it would have been an amazing experience.

Since I came to these books as an adult I’m not a diehard lover of anything and everything HP. I can’t even remember how many of the movies I’ve seen but I doubt it’s more than the first four. Sorry 😦

I didn’t read any of the books until a couple years ago when one of my friends gave me a (sort of) joking ultimatum that if we were to remain friends I’d have to read the books. I really enjoyed the first one but I haven’t rushed to read the rest. Don’t worry though, I will be reading more soon. When I went to see that friend a few weeks before the lockdown she shoved the second and third books into my hands and commanded me to read them. I haven’t yet but I do plan to!

Hopefully reading more of the books will help get me to being an HP superfan! Till then, though, I’m eternally jealous of all of you who got to read the books and see the movies as kids.

I’m sure many of you are really upset with me at the moment. I’m sorry! I honestly do want to love Harry Potter! It probably doesn’t help your opinion of me that I recently met Daniel Radcliffe when I was down in London and saw him in a play. I felt bad because everyone else there was wearing HP stuff, had tons of books and swag for him to sign, and were losing their ever-loving-Potter-minds and I was actually there hoping to meet his co-star in the play, Alan Cumming.

When I got to Daniel I apologized for not being a big HP fan but mentioned that I freaking loved him in Swiss Army Man and Guns Akimbo. He laughed, took some photos with us, and as we left yelled after us, “Thanks for liking my weird shit!”

So I’m definitely going to try to become more of a Potter fan if for no other reason than meeting him made me fall a little in love with him.

big-blue-divider-hiDid you read Harry Potter as a kid? Which book/s made it to your TTT this week? Let me know in the comments!

30 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Books I Wish I Had Read As a Child”

  1. Please don’t apologise! I did grow up with Harry Potter, and it’ll always be a huge part of my childhood, but I hate seeing people apologise when they haven’t read or watched it – it’s not a requirement to read Harry Potter to be a book lover, and I’m sorry if anyone (most likely a HP fan) has ever made you feel like that. I hope you do enjoy the books if you decide to read more!

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    1. I do get a fair bit of ribbing but I’m mostly just bummed out I didn’t get to have the magical experience everyone else around my age got to have with it. Ah well, at least I’ll never have to suffer through the agony I saw HP fans in when waiting for the next book!


    1. I went to our local kid’s bookstore pretty religiously around the time they came out and I don’t remember seeing them at all. Guess it just completely missed me by. I was pretty into Fear Street and Christopher Pike type books by then, though.


  2. HP is on my list, too. I’ve never read the books as I was already an adult when they came out. To be honest, I probably won’t ever read them just because I’m not really interested in middle grade books much. I know that makes me unpopular, too, so we’re in the same boat, lol. I think I watched the first 3 or 4 of the movies. I could do the movies.

    Thanks for visiting my TTT! 🙂

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    1. I do remember liking the movies, but when the rest of them started coming out I was in university and what little spare time I had was spent usually being a pretentious student seeing foreign films and indie flicks. Ahh, to be 21 again eh?


  3. It is a little sacrilege, as a HP fan, that you got to meet THEE Harry Potter! 😀
    I didn’t read them until after high school, but maybe because i never stopped reading YA, I adored them.

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  4. That’s very cool that you met Radcliffe, and I bet he was thrilled that you liked his other work! I actually didn’t care for the first book. I put it down and didn’t go back until a few years later when it was clear I needed to keep reading to know what people were talking about. I think the series gets much better with each book. But no worries if you don’t want to read them! 🙂

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    1. I do want to read them, I guess it’s just because I know they’ll always be around I end up pushing them to the side in favor of other books.

      And yeah, he was pretty excited to have at least one person there who didn’t go HP mad- although he was so gracious to everyone who was there for that. I’ve seen him in a play before and he’s just such a good actor, he really should get more credit for it.

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  5. Harry Potter came out when I was already well into my teens. And teenage me would not be caught dead reading kid’s books! I was so ridiculously pretentious and exclusively read adult books from about 13 years old…. which is utterly hilarious to think about now that I’m well in my 30s and read a great deal of YA 😂😂😂 But for some reason that inner teenager still dictates how I feel about Harry Potter and I have no desire to read it. I’m sure it’s my loss ultimately but some books are just never meant to be it seems ☺️☺️☺️❤️💛❤️

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    1. I’m the same way, after 8th grade I basically focused on adult books. I read classics and stuff like John Grisham because I was just such a grown up at 14 😛 And here I am now loving middle grade and YA books haha!

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  6. I wasn’t allowed to read Harry Potter until I was in middle school, but by then, I had no interest in it. I read them in college and enjoyed them, but I waited years after to watch the movies. Part of me feels they’re a bit overhyped, but I understand people being nostalgic for the series because they grew up with the books. So I understand the whole not being a diehard fan of the series. I think for me I like the concept of the books more than I actually like the books! XD

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