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WWW Wednesday: 29th of April 2020


WWW Wednesday is a weekly book tag hosted by Taking on a World of Words that is all about what we’re currently reading.

Disclaimer: I tend to read a lot of books at once across e-books, physical books, and audiobooks. It helps me battle reading fatigue and slumps because I always have various different formats and genres to choose from to suit my mood. However, I realize reading a bunch of books at once isn’t for everyone so if my first “W” sends you screaming for the hills I totally understand.

Currently Reading:

Watson on the Orient Express by Anna Elliot and Charles Veley has been a delightful bit of escapism that I sorely needed. It’s a bit silly at times, but what Sherlock story isn’t?

The City We Became by N.K. Jemisin is seriously impressive in its scope, but I’m not really connecting with it yet. I’m nearly at the halfway point and I’m going to keep on reading so hopefully that connection will come sooner rather than later.

I was almost done with Ninth House by Leigh Bardugo– less than an hour left on my audiobook loan- when I had to return it to my library. Arghhhhh! It was at a seriously intense point as well, but I should be getting a copy again within the next couple weeks.

The Portable Dorothy Parker is one I really should be spending more time with because what I’ve read has been awesome, but with everyone at my library powering through audiobooks like there’s no tomorrow, all the holds I’ve had keep becoming available before I’m ready. This marathon listening has been an adventure, let me tell you.

I’m on the last couple of chapters of A Thousand Moons by Sebastian Barry so you should be seeing a review here soon.

Finished Reading:

I haven’t quite finished anything since my last WWW.

Up Next:

I was sent the first two books of The Galactic Cold War series from one of my favorite publishers, Angry Robot, and I’m excited to get started on them. I love anything and everything military sci-fi so here’s hoping I’ve found my new favorite series!


Which books made it to your WWW this week? Have you read any of mine? Let me know in the comments!

10 thoughts on “WWW Wednesday: 29th of April 2020”

    1. I’m usually only reading around 3 or 4 actively, the others are ones I get back to when I can. As a result I have way too many that are taking me too long to finish 😛 It’s a little embarrassing.

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  1. I hope the people using your library calm down with their listening, it sounds like you’re struggling a little to keep up! I’ll be really interested to see what you think of Ninth House when you’re done because I’ve heard so much about it – the good and the bad!

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    1. I normally stagger my audiobook holds so that I get one every 1-2 weeks but with everyone off work I’m getting books that had weeks left on hold because everyone is just blowing through them. I haven’t been able to finish a few in time 😦

      I wasn’t that invested in Ninth House till probably around the halfway mark. It really picks up after that, especially in the last third or so. I think the problem is that because it’s the first in a series a lot of it is spent setting the scene. It’s very information heavy with lots of characters so it’s hard to really connect with any of it because there’s just so much.

      It’s worth a read if you plan to read the rest of the series but I think it’s a decent read as a standalone.

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      1. oh okay thanks for letting me know! I was always so surprised when no one said they liked it because usually the author writes amazing stuff, but that actually makes sense!

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  2. I usually have at least two books going at the same time, a regular book and an audiobook, and there have been times when I read three or more, but it’s rare. I need to get back to Ninth House soon, I stopped apparently right before it picks up.


  3. I’m sorry you had to return your audiobook copy of Ninth House just before you finished it! It’s so frustrating when that happens… I hope you will enjoy your books this week and happy reading. Here’s my WWW. xx

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