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Finally, some of that Dogposting!

Wow, I’m now officially a whole year into this book blogging journey! Happy Anniversary to A Little Nerd Told Me! WOoooooOoooo!!

Interacting with all of you was definitely a highlight of the past year. Plus I’ve made fantastic connections and been given an endless supply of book recommendations. Thanks so much for being on this bookish adventure with me!

However, when going back through some of my posts from the last 12 months I’ve realized I haven’t really kept up some of my end of the bargain. I often promote my blog as a sci-fi book blog that also features shameless dogposting… but I haven’t been posting very many pictures of my doggo!

Normally I love to show off him exploring some of the castles and abbeys near us but because of the lockdown we’ve mostly been stuck in the house- meaning this dog is our main source of entertainment these days. It’s a big responsibility but he’s shouldering it well I think.

So without any further ado, here is Zorro and some of that shameless dogposting!


A very stylish boi 15/10
This poor dog puts up with so much.
His first day working from home and he drags his bed into the home office. Terrible work ethic.
Now that we’re all working from home, Zorro has 2 new full-time jobs. It’s exhausting.
Staycation vibes.
I haven’t been able to find flour for 6 weeks. I finally found a wholesale bakery down south who let me buy a 16kg bag. Zorro thinks it’s all so I can make him pupcakes obviously.


For more photos of Zorro, you can follow his Instagram at: @godmomstop

*A bit of an explanation on his Instagram: A few years ago Zorro was absolutely going to town on…well, himself, and after a couple minutes of this I yelled at him to stop. He stopped, slowly dragged his head up, and looked me dead in the eyes as he let out a huge sigh before stomping off to his crate in the kitchen.

It seemed so much like he was saying, “GOD MOM FINE I’M GOING TO MY ROOM!!”

He gets seriously huffy with me quite often because he doesn’t know how to ask for anything nicely, thus Zorro’s “GOD MOM!!” meme was born. I used to just do it on Facebook but some people asked for it to be put on Instagram and now he has way more followers than I ever had.

9 thoughts on “Finally, some of that Dogposting!”

  1. I LOVE YOU ZORRO!! We truly don’t deserve dogs, they’re so perfect 😊😊😊 also congrats on a whole year of blogging πŸ’›πŸ’™πŸ’šπŸ’–β€οΈπŸ’œ

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