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A Very Merry Birthday To Me

61x2fj0dFDL._AC_SL1500_Hello readers!

Apologies for the lack of posts over the past week, but I assure you it was for a good reason: it was my birthday! Originally I was meant to be in California to see my parents and friends, but with the near global lockdown going on my flights were cancelled.

Never fear, however, for my husband was here! He did everything he could to make sure I still had a lovely time and a lovely time was had indeed. Already a long weekend over here in the UK, I took a couple extra days off and had 5 whole days of birthday goodness.

In my last post I discussed how we tried to have elements of Alice in Wonderland at our rustic wedding. Well, quite a few of the bits and pieces from the wedding were brought out and added to the absolutely delightful decorations my husband surprised me with for my UnCalifornia Birthday Tea Party. Take a look!


Tea Party Part I: A few nibbles in the sun!
The sun came out just for my birthday obvs.
I love unicorns so my husband had me making unicorn wands while he finished baking. Because I’m totally a grown up.
Afternoon Tea Part II: The Alice tea party set he bought is amazing! And it matched the handmade light-up bottle he surprised me with from melanieanncrafts.
I finally got to use all those teapots I’ve collected over the years. Each one had a different type of tea inside.
Without realizing we were having afternoon tea for my birthday, my mom had gift baskets of cheese and fudge sent. They were the perfect addition to our nibbles!
My favorite teapots walking like an Egyptian.
The Tigger Who Came For Tea.
Om nom nom.
My gifts. This guy gets me!

After the afternoon festivities we took a break to let the food settle and to take advantage of our Disney+ account. Once our tummies were ready, though, we headed back in to the dining room for cake and to try out my new game, Villainous!

The best cups and saucers ever.Β 
That was one tasty unicorn.
The cakepops we made weren’t half bad!


With 5 days off of work I hardly knew what to do with myself after my birthday was over. So we opted to make it a long birthday weekend! I mostly spent it lounging outside in the sun with books or by watching silly movies and TV shows inside when the clouds came rolling in.

It’s not often I take a few days just for myself so it was a nice reprieve! I should try it again sometime.

How were your weekends? Have you had to have a lockdown birthday? Let me know in the comments!Β 

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    1. Thank you! I was glad to finally be able to use them for what they’re actually made for. I’ve got so many sitting on my bookshelves that have never been used.


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