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Top Ten Tuesday: Reasons Why I Love Audiobooks

This week’s Top Ten Tuesday, hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl, is a freebie! It’s an open ended prompt allowing us to give ten reasons why we love something bookish. I’ve opted to go with audiobooks because over the last couple of years they’ve become a massive part of my reading life.

I rarely used to listen to audiobooks because growing up the only way to get them was either through CD’s or tapes at the library (yes, ok, I’m old). I made a few exceptions here and there when I heard that the narrations were exceptional like when it came to Steve Martin’s books.

That all changed a few years ago when I noticed my library was offering free e-audiobooks to its patrons. At the time I had been reading an e-book and wanted to keep reading it while I was out walking so downloading the audiobook seemed to be the perfect solution to keep reading! Since then I haven’t looked back. 

My reading consumption has nearly doubled


Because I have audiobooks going when I get ready in the morning, when I’m doing chores or cooking, or when I walk my dog, I read almost twice as much now. It’s rare that I don’t have an audiobook on when I’m not working or socializing so I go through them like a fiend. I love that I now read more books than I ever did before!

*People who don’t think listening to audiobooks is reading: I honestly have no patience or time for that nonsense. Reading is reading no matter how you do it. Sorry/not sorry.

I’ve read so many books I might not have read otherwise

My life is pretty hectic so it’s rare that I get serious blocks of time to sit and really savor a book. That’s why a lot of chunksters tended to wallow on my never-ending TBR. That all changed with audiobooks!

Sure, it means I’m devoting my ears to 20+ hours of narration per chunkster, but it’s a fantastic adventure. Also, if I see a book on my library’s audiobook catalog that I had thought about reading but had never really made an effort to, more often than not I download it. As a result, several books I may not have ever gotten to are now proud members of my “Read” shelf.

Not only do I have favorite authors, but I have favorite narrators, too!


Narration can make or break an audiobook. If I find myself losing interest in an audiobook it’s usually because I’m just not gelling with the narrator. It’s a shame when it happens so that’s why I try to get audiobooks narrated by my favorite narrators as often as I can.

This ties in with my previous reason because if I like a narrator I’ll listen to anything and everything they’ve narrated whether it’s a book I had on my TBR or not. Some of my go-to’s are Wil Wheaton (hands down my favorite), Kate Mulgrew, January LaVoy, Scott Brick, and Bahni Turpin.

Additionally, with the rise in popularity of audiobooks, some big names are lending their voices to narrations. It’s rare to go through a catalog without seeing some of the biggest names in showbiz. You can’t tell me you’re not at least a little interested in hearing Tom Hanks read to you through your airpods.

The magic of storytelling

Having my parents read to me as a kid was one of my favorite things ever. I miss it, but at least with audiobooks I can reclaim some of that magic.

Because of my Yaqui background, growing up my parents took me to pow-wows quite often. Whether verbal or through dance, storytelling within those events were always what I looked forward to most. Given that in England pow-wows aren’t a common occurrence, audiobooks and recordings of stories let me at least get some storytelling back into my daily life.

I actually get stuff done!


I’m a very fidgety, anxious person so left to my own devices I end up brooding myself into a useless lump. Because of this, I tend to put off things that don’t fully engage my senses like chores or exercise. Music helps sometimes, but not always. In comes audiobooks!

Our neglected yards have been turned into beautiful English gardens, I walk my dog much more often and for longer stints, I hate cooking far less than I used to, and any annoying task around the house is made less tedious with an audiobook playing. Procrastination is definitely much harder these days.

Library usage


Our libraries need our support more than ever. Everything you do at the library helps them whether it’s checking a book out, using one of their computers, or attending an event. Checking out e-books and audiobooks is a great way to not only read more, but it helps your library, too. Every interaction counts!

At the moment, most libraries are still present electronically and are making it easier to sign up for membership online so I urge you to go visit your library’s webpage ASAP! It’s one the most mutually beneficial relationships you’ll ever have.

Plus libraries offer services that go far beyond book loans. They are often some of the best places to connect with your community or to get help with things ranging from job hunting to learning a new skill. When the lockdown is over go see what your library offers, there’s something for everyone!



It took me awhile to finally get an Audible membership. I always thought the cost was far too high given that you only get one book a month and most the audiobooks I wanted were available for free at my library.

When I finally got a membership, it was just to get books my library didn’t have that I really wanted. I pause my membership periodically when my finances can’t justify the cost, but lately the audiobook platform has been offering far more than “just one book a month.”

Membership now entitles you access to dozens of members-only podcasts, productions, and other “Audible Originals.” I’ve devoured several like Stephen Fry’s delicious Victorian Secrets series and Ben Garrod’s A Grown-Up Guide to Dinosaurs. Oh, and their 2 for 1 sales aren’t half bad either!

Connecting with the author


Even though I have my favorite narrators, sometimes no one can read a story better than the person who wrote it. Having an author read their own words to you is a truly special  experience. It makes the connection between author and reader that much more tangible.

Toni Morrison is definitely one of the greatest authors I’ve had the pleasure of listening to when it comes to fiction. On the non-fiction side of things, I find memoirs are more powerful and entertaining when read by the author. Tina Fey and Jonathan Van Ness, I’m looking at you!

They are inclusive


Back to what I mentioned before about not tolerating any noise about audiobooks not being “real books.” Aside from the fact that that stance is completely disproved by science, it’s also inexcusably ableist. Some people don’t have the luxury of being able to read the written word because of visual impairments or learning difficulties. My mother, an avid reader, has been gradually losing her eyesight as she gets older and audiobooks have been a saving grace for her.

The oral tradition is one of the oldest forms of storytelling and record keeping in the world. If it were really all that frivolous why would it have survived as long as it has? Does that also mean reading to your children isn’t worthwhile? Pfft.

Rediscovering old favorites 


Several books I read years ago or as a child have been wonderful to listen to. I don’t often re-read books, but if I can find old favorites on offer as an audiobook more often than not I’ll give it a listen.

There are also some incredible productions that are reminiscent of the radio shows of old. I read H.G. Wells’ War of the Worlds in high school, but recently I decided to “re-read” it through Jeff Wayne’s The War of The Worlds: The Musical Drama starring Michael Sheen and Taron Egerton. It utterly blew me away and actually made me feel like I was down on the ground with them as they tried to escape the carnage of the invasion.big-blue-divider-hi

Because of my love of all things audiobooks, I opted to do an Audiobook Challenge this year as part of my reading goals for 2020. I’m overdue for an update on it, but if you want to find out more about the challenge you can check out my post here!

What do you love about audiobooks? What made it to your TTT this week? Let me know in the comments!

13 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Reasons Why I Love Audiobooks”

  1. I wish I could follow along with an audiobook, but I find myself zoning out and I miss bits and pieces. I’m always so jealous of people who can listen to audiobooks!!! Love the list!

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    1. This used to be me till I started finding narrators I can’t get enough of. It still happens from time to time unfortunately. I find the more action-packed the book is, the harder it is to zone out.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. YES to all!!! Ever since I found audiobooks, probably 10 years ago, I’ve become a more relaxed car driver during rush hour, I love doing chores, I read memoirs and nonfiction, and I can read books during times I wouldn’t be able to sit down and actually read 😀

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    1. I wish I had discovered audiobooks back when I drove! Since moving to the UK I haven’t driven because I’m terrified of roundabouts haha. I tended to be a very angry driver so it probably would have been better for everyone involved had I been listening to stories!


  3. I’ve only recently jumped on the audiobook bandwagon. What I love most about them is that I can “read” a book while doing other things. It makes loading the dishwasher, folding laundry, etc. much more enjoyable if I can listen to a story while doing it! I don’t get why some people think it’s not real reading. Phooey on them! It totally counts.

    Happy TTT!


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  4. Great post! I also love listening to books I’ve previously read! My absolute favorite audiobook thus far is Jodi Picoult’s Small Great Things. The characters coming to life in the book is amazing; I don’t think the story would’ve had such a great effect on me if I had merely read it. I highly recommend Small Great Things if you’ve haven’t read/listened to it yet! Happy reading [and listening]!


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