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A Little Nerd Update II

I hope to be back soon, I do. I feel awful about all the review deadlines I’ve missed, but even if I had a spare moment to read I wouldn’t be able to give the books the reviews they deserve.

Books have always been one of the most important things in my life because they were able to take me away whether I was happy, stressed, or just in the mood to read. Yet for some reason they just aren’t able to do that for me right now.

I’ve tried but my concentration is at an absolute zero at the moment with everything I’m fielding by myself in the wake of my mother’s death (see my last post). No matter what I seem to accomplish, every day inevitably brings yet another setback or five. Covid and the wildfires aren’t helping things much either.

I’ve mentioned here several times that I rarely re-read books because of my out of control TBR list, but that’s officially out the window. While all I can manage to physically read right now are a few pages of comic books at a time, I’ve been listening to familiar favorites at night on Audible when trying to sleep.

The Martian and The Expanse series have been playing on a loop at night, the familiar characters and storylines the only things that seem to be able to get my brain to stop long enough to drift off.

So I finally get why y’all re-read your favorites all the time!

I’ll be back soon. I promise. Publishers, authors, followers: I’m sorry, but I know that someday very soon I’ll be ready to read books again.

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