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The New WordPress Editor

In a year full of constant upheaval, the last thing I needed was for this platform to completely change how to write posts. I’m sure I’ll eventually get used to it, but in the meantime my posts are taking a lot longer to create because I have no idea what I’m doing with this editor.

If this were a website for a business I could see the benefits of the new editor, but for a blog I’m finding it very frustrating and time consuming.

The area I’m finding the most issues with are with embedding images from an external hosting site. Most of the pictures I have of book covers are saved to my account on an external site and it used to be a breeze to embed them into my posts. Now, though, I can’t seem to figure out how to do it in the new editor.

I’ve read and watched tutorials but nothing I do seems to work. I’ve tried “inserting from a URL” and the HTML editor, as well as the classic editor block, but I must be doing something wrong. If the image even shows up I end up with blocks that I can’t resize or move and if I try to fine tune them I end up in a mess. For now I’ve given up and have resorted to uploading my images to my WordPress account, but this isn’t a longterm solution unless I pay for more WP storage.

Do any of you have a workaround? Because this Little Nerd is just banging her head against a virtual brick wall over here!

13 thoughts on “The New WordPress Editor”

  1. I have trouble resizing images and formatting, and don’t even get me started on the problems with the auto save since the old editor was replaced.

    Agree every post just take twice as long to create.

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  2. I’ve had the best luck with using the image block to insert my pictures. I mainly use it to insert book covers into my photos (and I link from Goodreads) and making sure to use a URL ending in .jpg. I can’t move them *anywhere* but left, right, center & the resizing (in right hand toolbar) works well enough for me & what I do.

    But looking through the media blocks, there appear to be some interesting photo tools that I’ve never seen.

    I really, really hated the blocks when I first began blogging again (on my old blog, I used the classic editor) but after playing around for a while, I’ve really grown to like it since it makes it easier to put posts together (since I didn’t have to look up codes to do what I wanted). There was a learning curve for a while but I eventually got the hang of it. Good luck!

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  3. Here’s my semi-work-around. I take an old post made with the previous editor, and I copy that post, and then edit it with the new information. It doesn’t always work, but most of the time it does. I also took one of the older posts, copied it, and then turned it into a type of template I keep in my drafts. When I want to write a new post, I copy that template and add the information I need.

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    1. Honestly, that template idea is something I probably should have been doing all along! Thanks, I’ve set up a few for my weekly memes and the types of posts that have a similar format. Thank you!!

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  4. I feel this post on a personal level! I have troubles with formatting too and with writing spoiler tags. I was able to do it with the old editor but now nothing seems to work. Just like you I tried to find tutorials etc. Also the classic blog doesn’t have all the functions it used to have. For instance I can’t underline words. It’s kind of frustrating but I try to work with it.


  5. I haven’t been happy with the new change but here’s what I do. Choose Image block – by clicking on plus sign and typing image as the block choice then follow to your gallery. There is also a Gallery block you can use if adding multiple pics at one time. The Image block is only for single pics. Then you have to jump through the hoop again. I slurp my blog yearly for printing on Blog2print snd am having issues with it pulling over my pics through the Gallery block. Did I say… I hate change!

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  6. Absolutely NOT liking the new editor. Had so many options before in the old classic editor that simply don’t exist anymore. As a writer who came to wordpress for the purpose of writing primarily, being forced into a phone-centric app (that’s what it feels like to me anyway) totally wipes out the benefits of having been able to do lengthy posts on my desktop in a word processor and dropping it in easy schmeezy to the old editor, having it look much like it did in the word processor. Now, everything feels like it requires so much more finessing… having to format each individual paragraph as a separate block, learn a ton of new tools/concepts to work with images and such. I don’t know. The only thing it did for me this past (difficult) year was completely fizzle out my desire to blog. It was too much of a struggle… just what I really didn’t need. My personal life priorities have changed so much this past year, and learning a whole new blogging environment isn’t on the list at all.

    Does anyone know of another blogging platform that allows for blog creation in a way similar to the old wordpress editor? Any suggestions appreciated!


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