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Back in the UKSR

Well, comrades, after a very long day of travelling, I'm back in the UK. The jet lag is hitting me harder than usual this time around, but once I recover expect some ARC book reviews and other bookish posts. In the meantime, here's a picture of a kitty giving me a sidequest in my favorite… Continue reading Back in the UKSR

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Bookish Adventures in California

My trip home to California has been pretty quiet because the weather has been really grim, but I'm certainly glad to be here. Since it's been raining pretty much non-stop, I haven't had many outdoor adventures, but several of the ones I've had have been book related. Because of course they have! I spent a… Continue reading Bookish Adventures in California

My Nerdy Life

Vodafone Broadband is No Bueno

Since moving to the UK nearly a decade ago (has it really been that long?), I have been with the same mobile phone provider. Vodafone has always given me stellar service and awesome contracts that actually reward you for being a longstanding customer. So it seemed a no brainer to switch to Vodafone's broadband when… Continue reading Vodafone Broadband is No Bueno

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Destination Star Trek 2019

This weekend I am going full blown Trekkie! I'm currently at the UK Star Trek Convention in Birmingham, Destination Star Trek. For all my love of everything Trek, I actually only started going to ST conventions last year. I have yet to go to the major one in Las Vegas, but I did go to… Continue reading Destination Star Trek 2019

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So I’m Never Pre-ordering a Book on Amazon Again

On Monday I posted about how freaking excited I was over an Amazon delivery notice I received on my phone. I don't pre-order books very often, if ever, because I'm a library and used book fiend. However, when it comes to a sequel to the unparalleled The Handmaid's Tale, you go all out. Getting the notice on… Continue reading So I’m Never Pre-ordering a Book on Amazon Again