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See The World From Home!

I'm either the best or worst person to be stuck in lockdown with. Since it began, I've kept us pretty busy with different virtual experiences almost every night. And there is a lot out there! Every night my husband asks, "What's on for tonight?" knowing that I've booked us in for at least one activity… Continue reading See The World From Home!

My Nerdy Life

A Very Merry Birthday To Me

Hello readers! Apologies for the lack of posts over the past week, but I assure you it was for a good reason: it was my birthday! Originally I was meant to be in California to see my parents and friends, but with the near global lockdown going on my flights were cancelled. Never fear, however,… Continue reading A Very Merry Birthday To Me

My Nerdy Life

Finally, some of that Dogposting!

Wow, I'm now officially a whole year into this book blogging journey! Happy Anniversary to A Little Nerd Told Me! WOoooooOoooo!! Interacting with all of you was definitely a highlight of the past year. Plus I've made fantastic connections and been given an endless supply of book recommendations. Thanks so much for being on this… Continue reading Finally, some of that Dogposting!

My Nerdy Life

Walmart Doesn’t Care If They Get You Sick

Hello readers! I did have a First Impressions Friday raring to go but unfortunately some really horrendous events have taken the forefront in my week so my FIF post will have to be, well, postponed. I apologize for the clickbaity title, but to be honest it's really not that far off the mark. Let me… Continue reading Walmart Doesn’t Care If They Get You Sick

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Bookish Adventures in California

My trip home to California has been pretty quiet because the weather has been really grim, but I'm certainly glad to be here. Since it's been raining pretty much non-stop, I haven't had many outdoor adventures, but several of the ones I've had have been book related. Because of course they have! I spent a… Continue reading Bookish Adventures in California

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Vodafone Broadband is No Bueno

Since moving to the UK nearly a decade ago (has it really been that long?), I have been with the same mobile phone provider. Vodafone has always given me stellar service and awesome contracts that actually reward you for being a longstanding customer. So it seemed a no brainer to switch to Vodafone's broadband when… Continue reading Vodafone Broadband is No Bueno