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WWW Wednesday: 15th of April 2020


WWW Wednesday is a weekly book tag hosted by Taking on a World of Words that is all about what we’re currently reading.

Disclaimer: I tend to read a lot of books at once across ebooks, physical books, and audiobooks. It helps me battle reading fatigue and slumps because I always have various different formats and genres to choose from to suit my mood. However, I realize reading a bunch of books at once isn’t for everyone so if my first “W” sends you screaming for the hills I totally understand.

 big-blue-divider-hi Currently Reading:

Given that Long Bright River is about the opioid crisis and murdered addicts it’s definitely not a lighthearted read. It has been pretty sad and dark so far, but also very engrossing. I want to see where it heads.

A Song Below Water took awhile for me to get into because the initial chapters were a little confusing, but now that I have a better grasp on the worldbuilding and the characters I’m really digging this mystical tale.

The Portable Dorothy Parker is currently taking a breather while I finish up some of my other books, but what I’ve read to date has been awesome.

I’m making slow progress with A Thousand Moons. It’s a not a very fast paced book and I’m finding I can only read a few chapters at a time before finding myself wanting to read something else. It’s well written and interesting, but I think I’m at a bit of a disadvantage for not having read the previous book.

Yes, I’m still reading Dragon’s Egg, but I actually spent a couple hours with it over the weekend and am nearly finished. I wish I’d gotten back into sooner, it’s totally fascinating (even if a lot of the astrophysics goes right over my head).


When I heard that the author of Station Eleven had a new novel coming out I put myself on a waiting list for The Glass Hotel without reading anything else about it. Because of that it took me awhile to figure out what the actual story was. Had I known that it was about ridiculously wealthy people and a Ponzi scheme I probably wouldn’t have picked it up. These days I find it hard to stomach anything to do with the obscenely rich because wealth hoarding is getting increasingly difficult to justify. Still, though, it was a well written and compelling enough story to keep me reading it and the most interesting characters were the ones who weren’t greedy and rich.

The Ghosts of Sherwood turned out to be a novella which I didn’t realize until I looked at my progress on my Kindle after about half an hour and saw that I was halfway through it already. What a shame it was so short because it was such a fun read. Picking up nearly two decades later in Robin Hood and Maid Marian’s lives, it focuses on their children’s exploits in the famous Sherwood Forest. Full review to come closer to its publication date in June.

Up Next: 

The City We Became is another book I got on a waiting list for simply because of the author. I adored the Broken Earth series so I didn’t hesitate in getting this book when I heard it was released. I have no idea what it’s about but if her previous books are anything to go by I’ll probably love it.

Ninth House was a recommendation from my dad. He read it a few months ago and really liked it so I decided to snag myself a copy of the audiobook from the library. As soon as I finish my other audiobooks I’ll be starting this one. Again, no idea what it’s about, all I know is that my dad liked it!


Have you read any of these or have plans to? What made it to your WWW this week? Let me know in the comments!


6 thoughts on “WWW Wednesday: 15th of April 2020”

  1. I didn’t get a chance to post my WWW Wednesday this week, so here I go…I just finished The Sleepover by Samantha King, I’m currently reading A Tale of Two Cities (part of my Late to the Library series) but it’s taking me SOOOO long to get into it! I’m going to hunt for a new book to start next, but haven’t gotten to that part yet. I have a couple reviews coming up that I need to get reading for too….


    1. Ooo I need to check out the Late to the Library thing, what is it? As for a Tale of Two Cities, I LOVED it but from what I remember it was the last half of it that got me. It took awhile to get to the good stuff, an unfortunate side effect I suppose of Dickens being paid by the word.

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      1. Late to the Library is a theme I started on my blog. It’s a book that’s either really old, or considered a classic. I read it, and discuss it on my blog. Tale of two cities was last week, and I’m still not done with it. I’m gonna keep plodding today though. I want to at least say I finished it.

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    1. It’s been really interesting so far. I still feel a bit lost at times but I don’t think it’s the author’s fault, I’m maybe just not used to the writing style. Either way I’m still liking it so that says more than anything else!


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