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See The World From Home!


I’m either the best or worst person to be stuck in lockdown with. Since it began, I’ve kept us pretty busy with different virtual experiences almost every night. And there is a lot out there!

Every night my husband asks, “What’s on for tonight?” knowing that I’ve booked us in for at least one activity for the evening. We’ve taken part in several murder mysteries, have had virtual walking tours around the world, we’ve attended fascinating lectures, and have even done a few rounds of online Drag Bingo- all from the comfort of our couch.


Even though the world is slowly reopening, I know many people are still practicing social distancing (me included). So I figured I should probably share with you the things we’ve been doing because if my friends on Facebook are any indication, a lot of people are sick of binge-watching sitcoms and don’t know what else they can do from home.




Several companies that are usually providing in-person tours aren’t getting much business these days given that tourism is pretty non-existent at the moment. Many have decided to instead offer virtual walking tours with the added benefit of being able to “take you” to even more places than they would be able to on foot. Here are a few companies we’ve used and the tours I can personally confirm are awesome.


Normally offering small guided walking tours around the world, Walks now has a wide range of expert-led virtual experiences you can take part in. We’ve already done a few as well as participated in some of their special events that focused on topics like Outlander filming locations and the Titanic’s last stop before its tragic end.

See Your City

See Your City offers murder mysteries, virtual walking tours, and 360 Experiences in London. I definitely recommend the Shakespeare’s Italy tour with Perla- she was fantastic!

Lucky Bean Tours

Focusing on New Orleans, Lucky Bean has several fascinating tours about the lively city.



If your local Zoom pub quiz just isn’t doing it for you anymore, never fear- I’ve got plenty of other things you can try to keep your brain entertained.

Charlie Hides Drag Bingo

Honestly, Charlie is a big part of what has gotten me through lockdown. Her Bingo nights are always a total blast! There are different times throughout the week so that people in North America and Europe can participate.


Fever offers an incredible amount of experiences from home, but the ones we’ve attended the most are the various themed bingo nights and murder mysteries.

See Your City

Enjoy Social Isolation

They offer various themed bingo nights like Disney, ABBA, and boy bands as well as regularly scheduled disco bingo.

GalaxyCon Live

Since fan conventions are probably not coming back any time soon, GalaxyCon has free Zoom chats with celebrities from a wide range of fandoms including Star Trek, Disney, and Marvel. You can also upgrade your free ticket to get autographs or one on one Zoom chats with the celebrities.



Many museums, trusts, and non-profits around the world have free virtual tours and webinars up. We’ve attended some that are for members of the various museums we belong to, but there are loads out there for non-members, too. I’d advise you to check your local museums to see what they have on because the few I’m listing are barely a drop in the water of what’s available.



As you can see there’s a lot out there to keep you and your loved ones busy at home. I hope you enjoy some of these resources I’ve listed and that they help get you through this unusual time. Many of these institutions are struggling right now, especially performers and arts organizational. If you’re able, please consider a donation so that once things begin to resemble some normalcy these incredible organizations will still be standing.

For paid experiences try to book direct with the providers. I’ve booked some activities through sites like Viator and Get Your Guide, but have had a lot of issues with getting the right info. I’ve found it’s easier to just go direct to the tour/activity provider and book with them, plus they tend to offer more than what’s listed on the bigger sites. It also means more money goes their way!

FYI: I’m not getting paid for promoting any of these links, I just really want everyone to know about the awesome stuff I’ve been doing. Let me know if you join any of the murder mysteries or bingo so we can play together!

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